Uncompromising Preparation and Services


Race Strategist / Consultation

We offer fly-in consultation services for teams to benefit from our 20-plus years of race experience. Having run multiple cars on almost every track in the country, our expertise can help drivers, data guys and engineers not only discover what the car is doing, but what its going to do as the track changes.

Race Preparation / Trackside Support

We offer segmented or complete turnkey race vehicle preparation and trackside support whether your interests follow open wheel formula racing, or flat out drag racing, current day spec or vintage.  We can offer assistance in all phrases of preparation gained through our years of exposure and experience in these arenas.

Project Design

We offer engineering and design of simple components to complete projects based on your individual or corporate needs and can see the subject design through to the finished product.

System Design

We offer vehicle systems engineering that is compatible with your project application.  This includes but is not limited to lubrication, cooling, fuel, hydraulics, electrical and mechanical system functions.


We offer fabrication capabilities to support project requirements.  Whether its template fabrication, component modification or a complete tube chassis build, we'll meet your requirements and finish expectations.

Component Repair

We offer repair or recondition to your components as well as evaluation of application.


We offer both magnuflux and zyglo inspection processes to insure your components integrity through its "life" cycle.

Custom Welding

We offer welding capabilities in steel and aluminum as well as other exotic metals.

Sand / Bead Blasting

We offer blasting as required in the restoration and reconditioning process.  We also have access to chemical stripping when requested or required.

Plating / Color Anodizing / Powder Coating

We offer unique ways and ideas associated with component processing included but not limited to black oxide, nickel, chrome, yellow cad and zinc.  Color anodizing and powdercoating are available in numerous colors and textures.


We offer uncompromising paint design, project renderings, finish paint and graphics as required.

Engine and Driveline Maintenance / Build

We offer simple component maintenance to complete component design, component selection build and dyno.

Vintage Concours Restoration

We offer our passion for extreme detail associated with assembly and presentation of the finest concourse qualities.

Performance Parts Installation

We offer complete installation and service all parts purchased through our parts network.