Owner, Larry Nash

Assisting with his first engine rebuild at the age of 12, Larry's enthusiasm for performance and horsepower truly began at the dragstrip.  Larry was one of the original six founding members of the Missouri Valley Timing Association in Scribner, Nebraska.  His first hot rod was a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner.  His first race car, which he modified by hand from the showroom floor was a 1974 Duster - built  as an NHRA Super Stock J Stick car and won the "Best Appearing Car" award on its debut NHRA race weekend.

In 1983, with a desire to go racing at the highest levels, Larry moved to Indianapolis and got his start in IndyCars working with Gary Bettenhausen.  Within a very short time, he became Gary's Chief Mechanic and established a reputation for uncompromising attention to detail.  Larry's passion for pristine equipment soon brought opportunity with other teams and drivers.

In 1985 while working for Gohr Racing and Galen Fox, Larry and Galen went to England and created the only purpose-built March Indy car with a naturally aspirated 355 cubic inch "stock block" Chevy engine. In the same year, this combination went on to set the 1 and 4 lap records at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway for an 8-cylinder Unsupercharged Stock Block with a top speed of 204.443mph.  The driver was Steve Chassey.  Despite other attempts with naturally aspirated engines, this record held until 1997 when the Indy Racing League introduce the Oldsmobile Aurora V-8.

After several years in IndyCars, Larry seized the opportunity and realized his goal to run his own operation, LP Racing, Inc., now renamed the Nash Performance Group, Inc., focusing initially on support racing series.  Again, his attention to detail, driver coaching abilities as well as his talent for making horsepower and getting it to the ground have made Nash Performance a successful preparation facility that has established records, earned pole positions and won races in numerous series competed in including:

Firestone Indy Lights
Formula Atlantics
Shelby Can-Am
Motorola Cup
Pro Formula Mazda
US F2000
Formula Ford
Pro Sports 2000
SCCA Sports Renault
Firehawk Endurance

Nash Performance has been proud to work with numerous drivers including but not limited to:

Gary Bettenhausen
Robbie Buhl
Steve Chassey
Jim Crawford
Emerson Fittapaldi
Davey Hamilton
Scott Harrington
Richie Hearn
Jacques Lazier

Anthony Lazzaro
Bruce May
Dennis Nalon
Mike Nish
Jeff Purner
Jeffrey Robbins
Michael Roman    

Eliseo Salazar
Sam Schmidt
Dick Simon

Paul Tracy 
Wayne Boyd

Fast Facts Associated with Indy Racing League:

Career League Starts:  46
Career Highest Start:  1st - Richmond '01 (Lazier)
Career Highest Finish: 2nd - Las Vegas '98 (Schmidt)